Breakfast Hash w/Sunny Side up Egg


10-12 small medley potatoes

2 tsp olive oil

3 shakes salt

1 onion

1 jalepeno

1 bell pepper (any color, I used yellow here)

2 cloves garlic or 4 shakes garlic powder

2 shakes pepper

7 shakes rosemary

2 shakes thyme

3-4 shakes red pepper flakes

1/2 pound sausage (we had some maple sausage leftover in freezer)

2 eggs


Cut up all vegetables. If your sausage is not cooked, start it in a pan with some olive oil. Cook until it is brown all the way through.

Start potatoes in olive oil with salt. When they have a little bit of a crisp on them, add the rest of the veggies along with all of the rest of the seasonings. Sauté until everything is soft and cooked through. Add your sausage to the veggie mixture.

Cook your eggs in a separate pan with salt and pepper. I cook mine over medium with olive oil (or the oil you cooked your sausage in)

Put the hash down in the plate then add the egg on top!

Add hot sauce, ranch, or salsa and enjoy!

Published by Taryn and Caleb

Hi! We are an engaged couple who live in Kansas City. We love everything about food, from cooking it, to eating it and sharing it with friends. We take turns making things at home and our favorites include fries and pizza! We love to enjoy a nice beer or glass of wine with our food as well.

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