About Us

Food, it’s what brings us together

Like most people, Caleb and I love to eat. Not only do we love to eat, we love to cook. The first time we hung out together, Caleb made me an amazing pasta dish and we watched a great movie. We love going out to new restaurants, especially if they are endorsed by Guy Fieri! These days we meal plan two weeks at a time, support local businesses on the weekend, and attempt new recipes together.

As much as I wish my job was to cook and eat all day, I do actually have a job to go to each day. I work at Rockhurst University as the ACCP Admissions Coordinator. I love my job, and my coworkers love food and let me talk about it all the time. Caleb is a math teacher, special education teacher, and softball and tennis coach!

When it is not a pandemic, you can find us hanging out with friends downtown, hosting parties, and traveling. We just got engaged and are currently planning our wedding!!

I’ve wanted to start a food blog for years and years, I remember as a kid I was always cooking for my family, pretending I had a cooking show with my friends, and forcing everyone to try my “iron chef” creations. I wrote a blog when I traveled as an Au Pair and when I was a traveling consultant, so I figured that would be the perfect place to start! I launched my foodstagram in August of 2019. It wasn’t until we got engaged and moved in with each other that I realized the foodstagram was more than just my page, it was a combination of Caleb and me cooking, so we decided to rebrand to Fry Another Day. A combination of fries, our favorite form of potato and a James Bond movie title. We try to eat relatively healthy, we like to drink, and we will never turn down pizza or fries, so that is what you will see here!

Caleb eats most things, but also has a lot of allergies (almonds, carrots, apples, to name a few.) I was VERY picky when I was younger, and now I’ll try most things. We put red pepper flakes on EVERYTHING, and I mean everything! We do not bake much, but every time we do, it is an adventure!

Happy you are here!

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