Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos

My friend Miranda is a vegetarian and she is the only person I’ll eat cauliflower for. She makes some delicious buffalo cauliflower tacos Ingredients: A floret or two of cauliflower (depending on how many people you have Buffalo sauce Mini tortillas Avocado Lettuce Tomatoes Ranch or blue cheese (ranch only for me!!) Blue cheese crumblesContinue reading “Buffalo Cauliflower Tacos”

Fave Basic Salad

Sometimes there is nothing like a basic salad to satisfy my vegetable craving. My grandparents always have a salad with dinner, so that is where I learned to love a simple salad. I’ll eat them on the side of my meal, as a starter, or sometimes as the whole meal. Ingredients: Romaine lettuce bag CucumbersContinue reading “Fave Basic Salad”